Watercolor Web chronicles my thoughts and experiences as I teach myself and others to paint in watercolor. You will find records of my successes and failures as well as exercises and advice. Although I mostly consider myself a figurative painter, I sometimes do plein air work in the spring and fall.

About Me


I am Marie Matthews, a watercolorist and occasional computer geek in Atlanta, Georgia. I teach watercolor at Chastain Arts Center and have won major awards from the Southern Watercolor Society, the Atlanta Artists Center and the Georgia Watercolor Society. I am currently president of the Georgia Watercolor Society. You can find out more about me and my work at my website: http://mmatthews.com/.

Notes on the Topics

This section contains some of what I know about drawing and painting the human figure. Fine drawing is essential to rendering the figure in watercolor. If you want to paint the figure in watercolor, you must learn to draw. Period.

Value and Composition
Value is more important than color. If you want to improve your watercolors, learn to manage values.
Works in Progress
Well, Works in Progress may be a misnomer because I rarely spend more than two hours on a painting. Look here to find out what worked and didn't work.


I may occasionally review books are art supplies on this site. Very rarely do I receive freebies from art supply companies. In the past five years, I have received a couple of free tubes of paint from Daniel Smith, and I have occasionally won merchandise awards in shows.